What is an overview of The Story of My Life?

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The Story of My Life is an autobiography about Helen Keller who lost her sight and hearing after suffering an illness at 19 months of age. She had to reestablish her communication and feel every object around the house and use crude signs to facilitate her learning and communication. Her situation frustrated her at first, especially when she realized that other people communicated by talking while she had to use signs. The entry of her teacher and life-long companion, Anne Sullivan, helped the young girl surmount some of the challenges of her condition. Helen was mostly interested in the written word, which she eventually relied on mostly to express herself. She even achieved the major milestone of writing her books. Despite the challenges, Helen went on to become a social activist and participated in lecture tours accompanied by her teacher Sullivan.

The story shares her brief memories before she lost her sight and hearing and her life with the condition up until her college years, when she actually wrote the book. She went on to write other books and articles throughout her lifetime.

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