In the story "The Monkeys Paw", what are the literature themes?Such as internal and external conflicts, situational irony, verbal irony, foreshadowing

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  1. internal conflict-Mr. White debating with himself as to whether he wanted to make that first wish. Mr. White's reluctance to wish his son back;
  2. external conflict-Mr. White wants Sgt. Major to give him the monkey's paw, but Sgt. Major throws it on the fire; Mr. and Mrs. White disagree about wishing on the paw again;
  3. situational irony-The reader knows before the White's that the stranger at the gate has something to do with their wish. Also we know the money he offers will be the $200 wished for.
  4. verbal irony-When Mrs. White tells her husband, " . . .I'm sure you'll when next time.";
  5. foreshadowing-Sgt. Major Morris turns pale when he claims he has already made his three wishes; Mr. White claims he has all he wants; Herbert plays the suspenseful music on the piano just prior to the wish.