In the story, "The Minister's Black Veil", what happens to Elizabeth? What does she become? 

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Elizabeth, Hooper's fiance, is not only scared of the black veil, she doesn't understand why he wears it.  She, for a while, gives him the benefit of the doubt, but later when she asks him to remove it, he refuses.  She doesn't understand why he won't show her his face, for after all, they are to be married. The town is starting to become suspicious of the veil, and rumors are swirling about its meaning.  The town ostracizes the scary minister, and Hooper becomes isolated from the town.  Because of Hooper's reluctance to remove the veil, Elizabeth starts believing that there is something evil behind the wearing of it.  Because he won't grant Elizabeth her one request, she breaks off the engagement with Hooper.  

Hooper remains a sad, lonely man.  However, later in life, he becomes popular as a minister who can better understand the sins of those about to die. On his own deathbed, he is attended by the still unmarried Elizabeth who has become his nurse.  He again refuses to remove the veil and tells Elizabeth and Reverend Clark that everyone wears a black veil.  He is buried with the veil still on.  

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