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by Michael Chabon

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In the story Millionaires, what is meant by the last statement of the story: "We're rich."?

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This is purely a subjective opinion, but I would argue that it means that Harry and Vince have finally realized the true value of their friendship. Both men have been emotionally hurt by venturing out into the real world and getting involved in messy relationships. Harry was hurt after Kim dumped him, and Vince hurt Harry by having an affair with Kim. In turn, Vince experienced hurt after the break-up of his brief marriage to Kim. Things were so much less complicated when they were roommates in their ice cold apartment in Pittsburgh, sharing their strange hobby of making toys out of bits of old bric-a-brac. Harry's latest toy, a treasure chest full of fake gold coins, is a reminder of a simpler, happier time in both men's lives. They had such great riches in their lives, and now they've rediscovered them.

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