In the story "The Management of Grief," what was revealed about the culture and customs of the characters involved in the story?

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Bharati Mukherjee's "The Management of Grief" tells the story of Shaila Bhave, an Indian woman living in Canada who has just lost her husband and sons in a tragic plane crash. The story was written in response to the real crash of an Air India flight from Toronto to Bombay in 1985; it is thought that the crash was the result of a bomb planted by Sikh terrorists who wanted to regain the Sikh homeland in the area of Punjab in India. Mukherjee's story, told from Shaila's point of view, explores responses to grief; more specifically, it explores how an individual's culture, and cultural clashes in a cosmopolitan world, can impact the grieving process.

Early in the story, Shaila is recruited by Judith Templeton, an official appointed by the Canadian government, to reach out to families who lost loved ones in the crash. She is chosen because she has not been exhibiting any odd behavior and is considered by others in the community as "the strongest person of all" and "a pillar." She is also a...

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