In Macbeth, how is attention focused on Macduff in the second act?

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Macduff is the hero of the play, the only loyal thane Macbeth does not kill.  His arrival foreshadows the confrontation he will later have with Macbeth in Act V.

His knocking on the gate awakens all to the horror within the castle.  He is the first to find Duncan murdered, and his refrain of "Horror" juxtaposes the Macbeths' disloyalty and disingenuousness regarding bloodshed.

He lets it be known to Ross that he will not go to Scone to see Macbeth crowned.  The reader can tell Macduff does not trust him.  Macduff will then join forces with Malcolm in England to avenge Duncan's murder and restore order to Scotland.

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Macduff is thane of fife , also as you going to read that Macduff is going to stop Macbeth from killing people....

Macduff is going to england to get some army with Malcolm,to overthrew Macbeth.But Macbeth is going to murder macduff is famliy , so is going to be personal to Macduff...