In the story The Lucky Penny, what is the climax of the story?

bohemianteacher4u | Student

The story begins with a woman finding a penny on the ground while waiting to hail a taxi. She picks up the penny, and a taxi pulls up. A man jumps into the taxi and does not want to share the ride with her. She is determined that she will ride in the taxi and pushes into the seat. The businessman appears rude and shuts her off when she tries to have a conversation with him.

When the cab driver drops her off at her destination, she tries to give the lucky penny to the businessman, who states that he did not need it because he makes his own luck.

The action begins when the man receives a call and learns that his markers have been turned in, and he will have to pay a large sum of money back right away. He panics and goes to the place where the woman with the penny was dropped off. He wants the penny. He exclaims to the woman that he now needs some good luck. He attributes the call about the money situation occurring because he had refused the penny.

The man gathers all of the woman's pennies, but nothing happens. The action begins to climb as the man, determined to get better luck, takes the lady and rushes to a store that sells items that bring good luck. He buys an old horseshoe from a Chinese man. The Chinese man tells him that the horseshoe is lucky. Just as the reader begins to feel like the man may have some good luck, the man turns the horseshoe in the wrong direction. He is informed that turning a horseshoe with the tips pointing down means that the good luck has run out of it.

The action rises further as the man becomes desperate. The man, Rick, takes the woman back to his office with him while he tries to figure out what to do. The woman asks him about the problem, and Rick explains it has to do with a contract. The woman informs Rick that she is a contract lawyer.

The climax occurs when the woman finds a clause in the contract that can stop the company from making Rick pay the money back. Rick is saved by the woman's knowledge of the contract.

In the end, Rick had made his own luck by bringing the woman along.