In the story "Of Love and Other Demons" by Garcia Marqez, what are some symbols/elements associated with the characters.

mprapopoulos | Student

Sievra Maria - is the slave of all angels.

Bernarda Cabrera is associated with Saint Bernard who married following a wish of his father - just as Bernarda did.

Don Ygnacio has several connotations, for example, in Roman times his name has Etruscan elements, meaning something is unknown. Then later in Latin his name is connected with fire. There is also an association that can be made with Ignacio of Loyola - obviously one in jest.  Also by being Lord Darien, one has an idea of him tottering between two things as Darien borders Panama and Columbia - it is possible to argue that he may border life and death. This is coupled with the connection of bats to him.  Bats are often seen to symbolize the underworld, destruction and decay. They also suffer isolation and shame in their lack of feathers according to Oaxacan belief. They are also loosely link to dragons - this compliments Ygnacio's connection to fire - as fire breathing dragons. There is though the issue of his passivity which does not alter until he finally decides one day that his daughter is his life - and then he borders between action and non-action.

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