In Kindred, what are some similarites between Dana's realtionship with Rufus and her realtionship with Kevin?    

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Dana cares about both Kevin and Rufus, even though she grows to fear what Rufus is becoming.

Kevin is Dana’s husband, and Rufus is the boy that keeps dragging her back to the past whenever his life is in danger.  Dana and Kevin have a closeness that comes from understanding time travel.

We didn’t seem to have to grow back into each other.  The separations hadn’t been good for us, but they hadn’t hurt us much either.  It was easy for us to be together, knowing we shared experiences no one else would believe. (“The Rope”, 2, p. 243)

 In some ways, this is true of Dana and Rufus as well.  Rufus is one of the few people that really knows about and understands Dana’s situation. He knows about the time travel, and even comes to understand the connection between his life being in danger and pulling her from the future.  He sees a vision of her in the future, but does not go to the future.

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