In the story To Kill A Mockingbird, what five new things do the children find in the tree?I think the answer is in chp. 7

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In the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, the Finch children, Jem and Scout find quite a few items in the knot of an old tree in the Radley yard. The first item found is chewing gum. Scout is reluctant to chew the gum at first, but decides to give it a try. When Jemcatches Scout chewing gum, he asks where she got it. She tells him she got it from the tree, which causes both children to keep an eye on the tree as they walk home from school each day. The next items found include some string, an old spelling bee medal, a pocket watch, andtwo soap figures carved into the shape of a boy and a girl.

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In chapter four, Scout finds a stick of gum that she eats immediately until her brother warns and scolds her about the dangers (the gum was found in a tree on Radley property). In the same chapter, Jem and Scout find two very old polished pennies inside a box made of gum wrappers. These gifts are found by the kids on their way home from school. Chapters 5-6 discuss the summer time. Then in chapter seven, Jem and Scout go back to school. In the same tree they find some gray twine. Next, they find two figures carved out of soap that resemble Jem and Scout. Then they find a whole pack of gum, a tarnished spelling bee medal, a pocket watch that wouldn't work, and an aluminum knife before the tree hole is cemented closed. The book does not indicate which items are 'new' except for the obvious like the stick of gum or the pack of gum.