In "Hatchet", what was Brian's plan for not getting lost as he looked for food?

Expert Answers
lynn30k eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After Brian realized that it could be a long time before he was rescued, he knew he had to look for food.  He also needed to stay by the place he was making into his camp--it was open enough for a signal fire to be seen, and the lake was a source of water.  He decided to always keep the lake in sight, so that he would not get lost; even if he came back to a different place on the lake's shore, he could find his camp by going along the edge.

yamaguchit | Student

Great question. Because Brian was stranded in the wilderness, lost, and in the middle of nowhere, of course finding food and making sure he was able to return to camp was crucial. If you were placed in his shoes, you would make sure to maintain good presence and awareness of where your camp was located, in order to survive.

Everything that Brian did, focused around the lake he was next to. The lake not only provided water, necessary for his survival, it also provided fish and potential outputs of food. If he were lost in the woods, and unable to get back to the lake, he undoubtedly would have died. He made sure to always keep the lake in his eye sight as he set up shelter, searched for food, and hunted animals. This was key to his survival. 

unksticky | Student

Brian looked for food because of his dreams of pizza.  He had no clue that he would not have his next meal just presented to him because he had never been in a situation where he was the provider.