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In the story "Growing Up" by Joyce Cary, Robert Quick realizes that his daughters are growing up and so is he. Describe the events that lead to this realization, and Quick's emotional responses.

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In Joyce Cary's short story, "Growing Up," Robert Quick, the narrator of the story realizes that his daughters are growing up, which forces him to do the same.

When Robert (referred to as "Quick") returns home on Friday, he calls out for the girls, but receives no answer. Quick is a man who believes that he is different from other fathers—he...

...never asked for affection [or]...flirted with their daughters, who encouraged them to love.

Thinking he knows them well, when he finds them in the garden and they do not respond, he is disappointed. This may serve as foreshadowing, for when the girls do act, it is in a way totally unfamiliar to him and frightening for Quick, who, having no experience with raising pre-adolescent girls—is unprepared for the sudden change in their demeanor and behavior.

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