in the story 'girls' by mrinal pande find out two examples to show that indian mindset has a gender bias.

shambhavi-thakur | Student

The story "Girls" is narrated by a 8 year old girl who refuses to except her traditional role in the family. This story highlights how women are considered as a curse and inferior in society and how they are conditioned to except a seconary role. Here are some quotes from the shorty story that show the gender bias existing in the Indian mindset:

"I hope it's a boy this time. It will relieve me the nuisance of going through another pregnancy."

"Not like that... Ben properly. You are born a girl and you will have to bend for the rest of your life, so you might as well learn. "

"Oh Goddess, protect my honour! At least this time let her take a son back from her parent's home."

"That girl must be harassing her. She was born only to plague my life."