The story is filled with the grandmother's occupation with death. What are five examples of death references or symbols?

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A Good Man is Hard to Find does contain many references to death.  The most obvious is the character of the Misfit who is a criminal and cold blooded killer.  The grandmother's fascination with him and hypothetical scenarios in the first paragraph foreshadow his appearance in the end.  The author shows the grandmother's occupation with death again when she describes how the grandmother dressed well for the trip to Florida - "in case of an accident, anyone seeing her dead on the highway would know at once that she was a lady."  The grandmother also acts as a self-appointed tour guide during the trip pointing out a cemetery as one of the sights the family should take in.  Although quite serious, the whole accident scene becomes morbidly comical as June Star complains that no one had been killed.  And finally the description in the end of the ditch and the dark gaping woods behind where the family sits to rest after the accident again foreshadow their impending murders right before the Misfit steps on the scene with his black hat and gun.