In the story "Everyday Use," how would you expect to see the story play out if it were told from another character's perspective? Dee's? Maggie's?

Expert Answers
favoritethings eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If this story were narrated from Dee's perspective, I think we'd have a dramatically different story.  Mama loves both her daughters, though she is not oblivious to their flaws; however, she has no reason to favor one or the other.  Dee, however, is so selfish and self-righteous that, were she to tell the story, she would inevitably paint Maggie as some sort of useless, ignorant dunce.  She calls her sister "backward" within her hearing, giving us a good indication that she sees herself as so smart and superior, even though she actually misses a lot.  Dee would also probably want to display her intelligence and lord it over the reader the same way she lords it over her family.  The perspective she would provide of mama would not be flattering or kind either.

If Maggie were to narrate the story, we would probably get an even greater and more accurate picture of Dee.  Dee seems to enjoy making her sister and mother feel stupid, and this would come across clearly in a story narrated by Maggie.  I also think the story would be a lot shorter and have a lot less detail since Maggie is so quiet.  Maggie seems to understand Dee even better than mama does, and so her shock at mama's actions in the end -- giving her the quilts that Dee wants -- would be quite extreme.