In the story "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker is the battle external or internal or both?

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The conflicts in Walker's "Everyday Use" are internal and external. The most obvious conflict is between Maggie and her mother on one side and Dee on the other. But there is evidence also of internal conflict within the mother, who finds it difficult to know how to love Dee, and internal conflict within Dee, as well as evidence of conflict between Dee and society. 

Dee has chosen to use her rural African-American heritage one way, while Maggie and their mother have chosen to use it another. This is the point of the title.  Maggie and the mother have various objects that they consider part of their everyday existence, to be used for the purposes for which they were created, for example, a quilt, which was made to provide warmth or a butter churn made to churn milk into butter. Dee, on the other hand, believes these objects should be put on display, for example, hanging a handmade quilt upon the wall to admire, rather than to use for its intended purpose.  This conflict is clear...

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