Explain why "Eveline" is often talked about as being a study of paralysis.

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sullymonster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Most certainly! "Eveline" is about a woman who just can't make up her mind. She has been given, through Frank, an opportunity to escape her oppressive life. This life itself is one of paralysis, where she is unable to move and to act as she pleases. She must adhere to her father's wishes either because of or in spite of his abuse, she must adhere to the morals set down by the church, and she must adhere to the expectations of the neighborhood. The fact that she is a woman further immobilizes her because she would not be able to supply her own fortune - such careers were rare for women. However, Frank appears and offers to take her away.

Only, she can't move. She knows that if she runs away with him, she will be ostracized by society and will be failing in her familial duties. Like Hamlet, Eveline is immobilized by indecision. Joyce makes this symbolic by giving the character no motion throughout the story. She simply sits in her seat and considers.

Until the last paragraph, when she is in the station with Frank. Note that Joyce did not describe her motion that got her to the station. Also, the only description given of her here is that she is again motionless, having been gripped with fear.

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ftosh | Student

we can notice that eveline cant take a write decision by her self she always confusedĀ  . the social tradiaions always stop her to find her way to the happiness.

eveline cant make up her mind ... she is like a paralyzied person who cant do anything and he has no active in his life .

eveline got the chance to change her life but she refused this solution because of how much paralysis she has

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