Does Katniss survive The Hunger Games?

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The original rules of The Hunger Games are that only one person can survive, meaning that both tributes from each district must fight everyone or each other. When the romantic plot of Katniss and Peeta becomes popular with the public, the Capitol changes the rules to allow two tributes to survive if they are from the same District. However, when Katniss and Peeta are actually the last two survivors, the Capitol tries to change the rules back; in rebellion, Katniss threatens to commit mutual suicide with Peeta instead of fighting him. Rather than allow that very powerful defiance of their power, the Capitol lets them both survive, and Katniss and Peeta return to their District to begin the events of the second book, Catching Fire.


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Well, the original rules were that only one person could win. However, an announcement said that apparently two tributes could win if they were from the same district. However, when Katniss Everdeen and Peeta (the other tribute from District 12) are left, another announcement says that they undo that rule, so Katniss pulls out poisonous berries and just before she eats them, they are both allowed to win. So, yes, but not by going strictly to the rules but by tricking the Capitol. 

This, of course, is only for the first book of The Hunger Games series.

Hope this helps!

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katniss survives the Hunger Games by tricking the Capitol by giving te man ultimatum. 

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Katniss survives The Hunger Games, and also allowed Peeta to join her even though the rules state only one person can be victorious.

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Katniss does end up surviving the hunger games. The original rule stated that only one person could be a victor but peeta and katniss threaten to kill themselves by eating nightlock. They let both peeta and katniss be crowned victors. She also survives the 2nd hunger games (quarter quell) she goes to by being rescued by the Plutarch Heavensbee . 

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Katniss does survive the hunger games. She utilizes her sources as well as her amazing logic to get around many rules and keep herself (as well as Peeta) alive through it all.

If you are also talking about the second book she survives that round of the hunger games as well, although she is not announced winner. I won't add any more spoilers in case you haven't read/weren't referring to that book.

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Good answer. Your answer's lot better than mine.

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Yes she does. The original rule is only one came remain. But at the end her and Peeta were left and Peeta had no intention of killing Katniss especially since he loved her, and Katniss did not want to kill Peeta therefore to ensure one survivor, when she couldn't kill him, she decided to eat the poison berries herself as well as Peeta. They were both about to commit suicide but the Capitol saw that as an act of treason and let them both live. 

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Go read the book....


But bother Peeta and Gale live because they were going to commit suicide when they were the only ones left in the hunger games by eating Nightlock Berries. The capitol saw this as an act of rebellion and the capitol is trying to find an excuse to kill Katniss but she lives.

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KAtniss does end up surviving the Hunger Games along with her lover Peeta Mellark thus both end up winning. Earlier in the novel there was an anouncement saying a pair from the same district will both be able to go home. From this announcement, Katniss is intentt on saving her and Peeta. After Cato dies, however, another announcement is made stating that there can only be 1 victor to make a dramitic ending to the games. Neither of the two want to kill the other, so in a plan to not kill each other, they decide to eat Nightlock berries, a type of berry that killed another compatetor. Since the capitol has to have a victor, they allow both of them to live.

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Katniss ends up surviving and wins the Hunger Games as well as Peeta Mellark. They both win due to threatening to kill themselves by eating poisonous berries, but since there must be a winner, the capitol made them both winners. The capitol is very upset that they were made into a laughing stock thus Katniss has to act like she's in love with Peeta in able to stay out of trouble.

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Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark (Both District 12) win the 74th Annual Hunger Games.  Katniss offers Peeta poisonous berries to defy the Capitol when the Capitol tells them there can only be one victor at the end of the novel.  Right before they eat the berries to commit suicide, they call of the games and announce them both as winners of the game.

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Yes , both Katniss and Peeta were able to survive the Hunger Games . Katniss used her brain by tricking the game makers that she and Peeta were going to eat the poison berry thus making there no winners to the game . The game makers wanting a winner allowed both of them to win at the end .

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