In the story A Christmas Carol, why are Caroline and her husband relieved to hear about Scrooge's death?

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Caroline and her husband are relieved to hear about Ebenezer Scrooge's death because they owe him money. The husband had gone to ask Scrooge for a week's extension on their next payment, and this is when he learned of the moneylender's demise. This means that their debt will be transferred to some other creditor, and the husband hopes that "'before that time [they] shall be ready with the money; and . . . it would be a bad fortune indeed to find so merciless creditor in [Scrooge's] successor.'" This delay will probably provide them with enough time to come up with the money they owe, and if it doesn't, they are hopeful that whoever takes over their debt cannot possibly be any more cruel than Scrooge has been. It would be bad luck indeed to come across two such merciless men. The couple never expected Scrooge to actually grant them an extension on their payment, but they felt compelled to ask. As a result, they are relieved that the old man has died, but they feel guilty about their relief.

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As Scrooge tours various scenes with the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, he sees varied negative reactions to his own death.  Former servants of his sell his belongings at a pawn shop and businessmen discuss his great riches.  Caroline and her husband, however, have a much more personal response to Scrooge's death.  They are deeply relieved to hear that Ebenezer has died.  

Scrooge was a money-lender, and a merciless one at that.  Caroline and her husband had not only borrowed money from Scrooge, but were struggling to make payments.  With his death, their debts will either be forgiven or will, at least, be transferred to another money lender.  Not only might the new money lender be more forgiving, but the time needed for the transfer might give the duo enough time to pay off the debt.  Thus, they feel intense relief at the news of Scrooge's death.

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