In the story "Cathedral" how does the point of view contribute to the effectiveness of the story?What is the motif of the cathedral?

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msray eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, it's key that the main point of view is coming from a blind man. It is called a "first person limited point of view". He looks at the world and all sensory experiences very differently than everyone else in the story. As we see the telling of the story through HIS eyes, a whole new picture is painted than the reader would ordinarily be able to recieve from a sighted character. This point of view is essential to the reader's experience of this man's world, and it strikes at the heart as the reader finds out what has shaped the man and the person he truly is. It is so effective because the whole motif of the story is a recurring them of blindness vs. sight, which THIS character is able to communicate to the reader very well.

devdinnn | Student

well, the story isn't told by the blind man at all. The story is told by an unnamed narrator who is having Robert come and visit him. We are granted unlimited access in this man's mind as he changes and grows. He is uncensored. and he has sight.

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