The story called " The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson! How can  you put this story in movie script form?

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Keep in mind that movies emphasize pictures, while short stories and novels emphasize words.

To put something in script form, you have to tell your reader what kind of shot (long, medium, close) is being used, what is in the picture and what the characters are saying. You’re telling them what they’re seeing and hearing. Keep in mind that the readers are usually filmmakers and actors, so the script is actually telling them what to do.

Here’s an example.

Long shot: We see a man and a woman standing on beach. We hear the waves breaking in the background and a few birds calling.

Medium shot: We see the man and the woman at closer range. The man pulls something out of his pocket and takes the woman’s hand. We hear slow music fainting begin in the background.

Close shot: We see the woman’s reaction as she sees that he is about to propose. The music gets louder as the sound of the waves recedes.


Seems genuinely surprised

Oh my. I never dreamed you’d do this today.


Medium shot: Man getting on his knees


This is where we first met. Will you marry me?


You have to make sure that you are supplying picture information, sound, and dialogue.

As you read The Lottery, break it down into scenes. Then set it up like the example above to communicate what each shot will look and sound like. You can pretty much take the same dialogue from the story.

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