illustration fo a man in winter clothes lying on the snow under a tree with a dog standing near him

To Build a Fire

by Jack London
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In the story "to build a fire," by Jack London, how did he feel about his journey?

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At the beginning, our protagonist felt that it really wasn't going to be difficult.  He felt confident enough that he ignored the advice of people he had to understand on some level knew more than him, ignored the clear misgivings that the dog was trying to show him, and didn't prepare in such a way that he demonstrated any worry about it.

Even as things start to go wrong and he realizes it is colder than he thought, he continues on, assuming that he can make it through.  When he has to try and light a fire to dry his clothes, he still believes that he will be able to make this work.

He descends rather quickly from there, almost into a madness as he realizes that he is not going to live through the ordeal.

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