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In "The Story of an Hour" what views of marriage/relationships does the story present?

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The historical context of "The Story of an Hour" dates back to the late 1800's, with the story having being published in 1894. The last years of the 19th century were the years of "The Woman Question", that is, when society asks for the first time whether women are worthy or capable of fulfilling other roles within society aside of those of wife and mother.

This same context serves as the conduit to the internal turmoil of Louise Mallard. As a woman of her times, Louise is one step ahead; she has a need for self-realization and identity. She wants desperately to experience life with herself as her own mistress and without having to fulfill any roles. The lack of choices in her society leads her to do what is expected of her: to be a mother and the mistress of a household. However, through the thoughts that surface upon hearing about her husband's possible death, "The Story of an Hour" presents real views that can still connect to the modern reader of the 21st century.

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