According to Freytag's pyramid, what is the plot of "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin?

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Kate Chopin's story, "The Story of an Hour," takes place over the time period of an hour, when Mrs. Mallard receives information that her husband has been killed. Though the story itself is short, it follows a traditional plot line that can be viewed through Freytag's plot pyramid. In this plot, the beginning of the story is exposition, then comes the rising action where tension builds. The next moment is the climax of the story, followed by falling action, and a denouement or conclusion.

In Chopin's story, the exposition occurs when Mrs. Mallard hears the news of her husband's death. The rising action is when she confines herself to her room and weeps--at first the reader believes it is because she is devastated but later learns it is because she is happy. The climax of the story is when she sees that he is alive. The falling action in this story happens immediately after the climax when she dies. The denouement is the narrator's commentary that she died of love that kills.

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