According to Freytag's pyramid, what is the plot of "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin?

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The story begins with an inciting incident: Mrs. Mallard's sister (Josephine) and Richards gently breaking the news to Mrs. Mallard. Her husband has died.

Exposition , or explanation of what has occurred previous to the narrative, is very concisely woven throughout the story. It is found in the first sentence, where readers are told that Mrs. Mallard has had heart trouble. In the second paragraph, there is exposition explaining the accident and how Richards first received word of Brently Mallard's death. These pieces of exposition serve to fill in the plot. Readers know why Mrs. Mallard thinks her husband has died, and they know why she ends up having a heart attack. Later in the story, exposition is woven in again to give readers insight into Mrs. Mallard's relationship with her husband. In this instance, exposition helps readers to understand Mrs. Mallard's internal conflict. We discover that she has felt bent to her husband's well-meant but overbearing will and that, although he loved...

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