In "The Story of an Hour," evaluate how the views of marriage and relationships can be applied to marriages today.

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"The Story of an Hour" can definitely be applied to marriages and relationships today, because at the heart of the story is the idea of inequality in relationships.  Mrs. Mallard feels trapped in her relationship with her husband, as if she cannot truly be free to be herself or the kind of woman she wishes she can be.  Despite the over hundred years difference from when Chopin originally published her story to today, human nature has not changed; regardless of gender, many people still feel trapped in their marriages or relationships. 

Louis Mallard feels relieved at the news of her husband's death, but the events and feelings of "The Story of an Hour" could easily be rewritten as a story for 2012.  The themes have remained timeless, ensuring that "The Story of an Hour" continues to be a focal point for discussion.


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