In the story An Episode of War, the civil war conflict claimed how many lives?

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"An Episode of War" is a short story by Stephen Crane that chronicles an incident during the American Civil War in which a lieutenant is injured by a bullet. The bullet has struck the officer's arm, which ultimately needs to be amputated. The purpose of the book is to demonstrate the daily horrors of the American Civil War.

The American Civil War was the most costly military engagement in the history of the United States. The death count is nearly half of all of the military deaths in the history of the republic. For decades, it has been widely accepted by historians that 618,222 men died in the Civil War (360,222 from the Union and 258,000 from the Confederacy). A new study by historian J. David Hacker in 2012 has suggested as many as 750,000 perished on the battlefields of the American Civil War.

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