What sources or accounts could you use regarding the practice of sati?From the news, historical accounts or eyewitnesses.

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saintfester eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sati, or the practice of burning brides at the funerals of their husbands, is a practice that developed in India and continues to this day despite several attempts by India and the international community.

There are many historical accounts of sati as witnessed by outsiders. Here is a report by a British Lord in India who researched and observed the practice himself.


Here is another source from a British woman who witnessed it firsthand. In this account, she records what they woman who was sacrificed said prior to her burning.


I also included a recent BBC article that describes how the practice has evolved today. It sites recent efforts by government to try and curtail the practice.


loraaa | Student

The story of Sati, or Uma as she was first called, is a compelling condensation of two major themes in the evolution of the Hindu worldview. The first is the desire to exalt the socially conformist view against the dangerous seductiveness of the renunciation option...ect

from http://www.indiayogi.com/content/indgods/sati.aspx