Steve Jobs What was Steve's Jobs achievement ( separate into two parts) 1. Spiritual, thinking 2. biggest accomplish on technologies Did he create anything that has not been see before? Or did he changed anything on technology industry ? Please provide with evidences and specific explaniations

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Steve Jobs was always ready, willing, and able to "think outside the box," and, as a result, he helped create new technologies that have transformed the world for the better in many ways and for many people. He was a perfectionist and an innovator, as in his involvement with (say) Pixar.

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Steve Jobs was a visionary.  There is a spiritual component to that.  It is the idea that the world can be a different kind of place.  Jobs's technology was certainly groundbreaking.  At the same time, Jobs seems to have had a premonition that he would die young and leave his work unfinished, leading to his furious pace in life.

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