Is Steve really a monster in Walter Dean Myers' novel Monster?

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Though Walter Dean Myers' young adult novel Monster certainly does raise questions about choices, Meyers also creates a great deal sympathy in the readers for the protagonist Steve Harmon. This creation of sympathy can indicate that Myers does not see Steve as a monster, despite what Steve has felt about himself and what other characters have said.

Steve is a 16-year-old from the ghetto, and as one from the ghetto, he believes that surviving on the streets requires working on the side of the gang, not against it. As a result, he has lived his young life doing jobs for the gang that have gotten him involved in small crimes, drug usage, and other poor choices. However, Myers' story shows it is clear Steve has made bad choices as a product of his environment and raises the question of if Steve is "evil" because he has done these crimes as a result of his environment or "good" despite having committed crimes. The question is underscored by the fact that Myers never reveals to us...

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