A Streetcar Named Desire Questions and Answers
by Tennessee Williams

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What are the complexities of the relationship between Stella and Blanche in the last act of A Streetcar Named Desire? Stella's apparent betrayal of Blancheoffers us a clear insight into her character.

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Several conflicts make the relationship between Stella and Blanche clash horribly to the point of having to take sides, and even having to betray one's own blood.

Stella and Blanche grew up as two rich Southern Belles during a care-free time and, evidently, with very little structure and discipline from their parents. This is evident in Stella's elopement from her home at a very young age with a brute, drunkard former soldier which is Stan Kowalski. The little influence that Blanche may have had over Stella's choices clearly denotes that there had already been a huge disconnect in the relationship between the two sisters.

After Stella went away she basically became the family's lost cause. Hence, it was Blanche who had to put up with the changes that took place at Belle Reeve; to witness the slow deaths of her parents, the loss of their plantation home, and then the tragic end of her own marriage.

Meanwhile, Stella slummed down happily with Stan. Living in a small apartment, she accepted...

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