Step by Step: How do you run a T-Test and a 2 way ANOVA? Please help me. 60 participants Quasi experimental they will have a pre-test on their knowledge of 50 words in Spanish, and a post test after the intervention I do not know the FIRST thing about ANOVA. Please help me Should I just switch from quantitative to case study?  

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I can't help you on the "mathematical" parts of your question except that I have all of my formulas written out long-hand in my notebooks. I am including some links that I found useful when doing my research.

I am thinking that a case study would be better since your group is "small" by the standards that a T test or an ANOVA test would use.  I used case studies because my test groups were under 100 participants.  You will certainly want to check with your advisor regarding what you might be able to do or not do.  I used a "problem paper" rather than a thesis  for my final project.

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