What are the main ideas and feelings expressed in The Road Not Taken? 

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In this poem, the speaker is confronted with two paths that diverge in a forest. The speaker wishes to take both of these paths, although he must inevitably make a choice. Both of these roads are appealing to him but he will probably never return to take both paths. The speaker believes that one road is less traveled than the other, but he also believes that both are worn about the same. This difference in opinion is crucial because in the future the narrator looks back on this event and confesses that the road he took made all the difference. This final switch plays on themes of nostalgia and personal narrative. Ultimately, The Road Not Taken is a poem about memory and how we craft the stories of our lives. Frost argues that people are prone to thinking the choices they made were favorable, and consequently people often give advice based on the choices they made.  

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