State two problems affecting Africa today   

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Many of the conflicts and problems that Africa faces today are not new. In some instances, these problems have been present in one form or another for decades or centuries.

One of Africa's major problems is the consistent political violence that permeates many of the continent's countries. Countries like Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Congo, and South Africa are homes to either ongoing or escalating conflicts. This political violence accounts for tens of thousands of deaths per year.

Poverty is another significant problem African countries continue to face. Of the 20 countries with the worst food and nutrition security, 19 of these are located on the African continent. Around 400 million Africans live in cities and as many as 60 percent of these people live in slums and have little or no access to basic services. Because only 1 in 5 Africans has a job in the wage economy, there is much work to be done to help remedy this dire situation.



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