State some of traditional methods of performance appraisal techniques and what are the common problems in it.How would you solve these problems?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In college/community college/university settings I have experienced two forms of performance appraisal. There is also one done on supervisors in academe called Mapps.

For the teachers, however, we receive copy of our Master Labor Agreement, and our skills are evaluated into sections such as: Communication w/stockholders, preparation of lessons, application of research-based effective practices, training on ettiquette and proper studentĀ  communication, and additional or external training.

We receive a pre and a post interview in which the supervisor advises us the areas in which we will be evaluated, and at the end of the year we go over it again, get our observations,and sign.

If the instructor agrees, they sign and its over. If they have complaint there is a separate process involving the teacher's union, the supervisor, and the instructor's own dossier or portfolio.

What seems like a cut and dry process can be complicated by lack of follow up. Some administrators get so busy and their schedules are so overpacked that sometimes they may just sign off the documents, or check the appropriate boxes based on assumptions b/c they never had the time to go and observe the instructors properly.

Similarly, the instructor's schedule is way too hectic at times to go by the document step by step and comply with over 100 different requirements. So they sign, and move on knowing that the supervisor might not have even gone to observe.

That is when a good plan may go wrong.