state how the poem la belle dame sans merci highlights the romantic love that ultimately failed ?

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The beginning of the poem clearly states that the knight is very pale and moving aimlessly. When he was questioned by the narrotor, then he gives the reason that he is in search of a beautiful lady.(By this, the readers are made aware of the fact that, he has an aim to move around) Then the knight tells how beautiful the lady is. She has long hair with dramatic eyes which express strong emotions. She is very graceful in her walking. While she saw the knight, expressed her love through her eyes and made low moaning as if to say that the knight is not responding his love quickly to her. Then the knight takes the opportunity and makes garland for her hair, bracelet for wrist and waist belt for her waist, all made of flowers. The romantic element heightens when he makes her to sit on his slow moving horse. A romantic song is sung by her to add extra beauty to it. She brings eatables and drink which was not tasted by the knight before. Along with this, she takes him to cave and there she weeps to make him understand that she can't live without him. Adoringly he kisses and confirms he is there with her. Then she feels comfortable and sings pleasant song to him. He becomes enchanted and intoxicated which induce him to sleep.Till here the readers are engrossed in the romantic journery of love.

When the readers are introduced to the pale kings and princes, there is a sort of surprise waiting for them as to what might be the reason. When they cry, "Hath thee in thrall!" the suspense is unveiled. The romantic journey becomes the deadly tragedy for the knight!