State the gradient and y intercept of the line : y=3-5x

william1941 | Student

The line given to us is in the form y = mx + c , where m is the slope of the line and c is the y- intercept. So there is nothing to be done here.

Just take the coordinates from the equation.

y = 3 - 5x = -5x + 3

So m = -5 and c = 3

The required gradient of the line is -5 and the y- intercept of the line is 3

neela | Student

The equation for a line in the standard slope (or gradient) and intercept form is :

y = mx+c, where m is the gradient or slope measuring rate y inrement per x increment. c is the y intercept .

So the given line y = 3-5x , or y = (-5)x+3 scould be identifies with y = mx +c.

So m= -5 is the gradient. c = 3 is the y intercept, where the line y = 3-5x is intersecting the y axis.