State if the given functions are inverses. f(x)=-4/x g(x)=-1/x+3  -2

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`f(x) = -4/x`

`y = -4/x`

`x = -4/y`

So inverse of f(x) is `f^(-1)(x)= -4/x`


`g(x) =-1/(x+3) -2`

`y = -1/(x+3) -2`

`y = (-1-2x-6)/(x+3)`

`y(x+3) = -7-2x`

`2x+yx = -(7+3y)`

`x(2+y) = -(7+3y)`

        `x =-(7+3y)/(2+y)`


So `g^(-1)(x) = -(7+3x)/(2+x)`


So f(x) is not a inverse of g(x) or g(x) is not a inverse of f(x).

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