State five guidelines for selecting books to read at group story time in kindergarten.State five guidelines for selecting books to read at group story time in kindergarten.

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I would suggest books that offer a variety of points of view. By this I'm not referring to first person, third person or omniscient. I'm talking about books the focus on kids in different life situations. Boys, girls, Hispanic, smart, poor, etc.

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The first criteria for a book for story time is that it is large enough so that kids can easily see the pictures. Children love to look at the pictures as you read, and books that they can easily see (and you can easily hold) will grab their attention. On that note, you also need vibrant, colorful pictures and plenty of them. The story itself needs to be engaging. Typically kids like stories about friendship and topics they are familiar with. Choose a book that fits into the rest of the curriculum in some way. If you are studying the seasons, try choosing books that take place in different seasons or showcase different seasons. Finally, consider choosing a book that has words that you have been practicing, because the book should be developmentally appropriate. For more on choosing story books, read here:
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In my view

1. Should be very interesting, capture and hold the kids' attention storywise

2. Should have visual and oral impact, kids should be attracted to it

3. Should reflect variety i.e. a variety of stories, over a wide area, no 'sameness'.

4. Should make the kids think, or ask questions, or 'awaken' them in some way

5. Should also give a limited amount of knowledge--of new vocabulary, ideas, information, other types of knowledge

hope this helps.