In Fever 1793,  Matilda has many ideas for how to improve the coffeehouse.  By the end of the book, which ideas has she put into place? What are her plans for further improvements?  Be specific!

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In the beginning of the book, Matilda wants to expand the coffeehouse's business.  She thinks they should buy another coffee urn "to serve customers with more haste".  She also believes they should make the facility itself bigger by buying or renting a part of Mr. Watson's lot, which adjoins the building to the north.  That way, they "could offer proper meals, not just tidbits and rolls".  Matilda dreams of including items like roasts and mutton chops on the menu, adding 'an upstairs meeting room for the gentlemen, like the coffeehouses by the wharves", and reserving a space "to sell paintings, and combs, and fripperies from France" (Chapter 6).

By the time her mother returns at the end of the book, Mattie has turned the coffeehouse into a thriving operation.  The extra coffee urn and the upstairs room have not yet become a reality, but mutton stew is now served in addition to cakes and coffee, and the walls are adorned with Nathaniel's paintings, of which two have already been sold.  Mattie cannot yet afford to build an addition to the coffeehouse on the lot that belongs to Mr. Watson, who, as a matter of fact is interested in selling the property, but she hopes to be able to do so by the spring.  Mattie also has discovered that free samples are "a clever way to get the customers to eat more", and she plans to send some of Eliza's baked small cakes to the State House with "a handbill advertising (their) new wares" in the hopes of drawing in even more business (Chapter 28).

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