Identify specific examples of Stargirl demonstrating compassion for other people.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I edited down the original question, in the hopes that I reworded the original sentiment.  I think that Stargirl's compassion can be seen in a couple of critical moments in the narrative.  The cheerleader experience demonstrates Stargirl's compassion.  She cares for the opposing team, even though she is a cheerleader for Mica Area.  When an opposing player is injured, she has the courage to provide care and compassion for him.  In this, Stargirl demonstrates compassion by not taking form of the world around her.  Stargirl demonstrates this later on in the novel when Hillari slaps her for being so non- conformist.  Stargirl's compassion is best shown in that she does not retaliate in kind to her aggressor.  Rather, she kisses her on the cheek in a caring manner.  This helps to bring out Stargirl's compassion.  She demonstrates compassion because she refuses to take on the demeanor of the world around her.  This redemptive element is why her effect is still felt at the high school in the ending.  Even when she is no longer there, she has established the foundation for compassion amongst the students to one another and for one another.  Stargirl's compassion is evident in moments when she has a choice to either model the world around her or act in opposition to it.  In her compassion, she chooses the latter.