In Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, what change occurred around Thanksgiving?

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The major change that occurs in Spinelli's Stargirl around Thanksgiving is when students start to treat Stargirl better. First, Stargirl becomes popular for her cheerleading antics during the high school football season. Then, the student population's mental attitude towards Stargirl shifts from bewilderment and disgust to one of support and acceptance. Leo describes the change as follows:

"No longer did Stargirl eat lunch--or walk the hallways or do anything else at school--alone . . . Whatever the reason, by the time we returned from Thanksgiving break, it was clear that the change had occurred" (38).

Leo goes on to say that students stop viewing Stargirl as dangerous. For example, girls don't feel threatened by her different style of clothing, and they aren't even jealous of her for her cheerleading success. In fact, students from every clique in school begin to embrace her! As a result, students "honored her by imitation" (38). Suddenly, students bring ukuleles to school and play them in the cafeteria just like she does. They talk to her like she is one of the popular kids, and everything seems to be looking up for her as far as being accepted by her peers is concerned.

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