squint problemi have a squint in my eye and all the doctor say that operation is not possible so i feel very shy when i come out of my house so what should i do.i dont want to do exercise i m doing...

squint problem

i have a squint in my eye and all the doctor say that operation is not possible so i feel very shy when i come out of my house so what should i do.i dont want to do exercise i m doing that my exercise when i was of 7 years.i also want to remain feer my friends laugh on me

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Few would be able to claim any level of valid qualification in this forum.  I think this becomes an issue that has to be directly discussed with parents and family physician, or referrals from the family doctor.  With that being said, I think that your "friends" have to start showing some loyalty.  I completely empathize with you that you do not want to be the target of ridicule in your social setting, but if the condition is inoperable and something with which you will have to live, your "friends" have to start showing a bit more maturity in understanding this condition. This might involve you opening up a dialogue with them in private that this condition is bothering you on many levels and you would appreciate it very much if they would demonstrate some loyalty and sensitivity.  If they cannot and it is something about which you feel quite passionate, then perhaps it is a moment where you might have to reconfigure your willingness to be friends with you.  It sounds that you are worried and concerned about this and within this scope, ridicule from friends is something that cannot be tolerated.  If they cannot refrain, I think it might say something about their character and lack of maturity.

readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I can see from where you are coming. Embarrassment is a real power in many lives. This is why it takes courage to continue to live, even if you feel uncomfortable or others may view you in a way that you do not like. Also, I hope that your friend would be mature enough to stand by your side and look beyond superficial things. I gather that you are a junior in college and if your friends are in college as well, they should have the maturity to look beyond the exterior. Good luck.

mkcapen1 | Student

Sometimes one has to just buckle down and do those miserable things that the doctor tells us to do.  Exercise is a safer and better option than surgery, but it is aggravating and long term.  I understand your problem. 

It sounds like you are at an age where you are very self-conscious.  It is important for you to now that even those girls who seem to look perfect all have something about themselves that makes them awkward.  They just mask it better. 

When I was growing up I had a best friend who was the most beautiful girl in our school.  She was also the most beautiful girl at dance class, rode horses for show, and had won many ribbons.  She had a big family that was so supportive and it seemed like every boy liked her.  She was very kind.  I probably looked like an old sock next to her.  One sad day I received a call from my grandmother to go home.  I went home and learned my friend had committed suicide.  I knew everything about my friend but one very important thing. She believed she was extremely ugly.  Her mother shared her diary with me and her closest friends to try and help us to understand.

I am sorry that you are having such a difficult time.  Talk with your mother or an adult that you trust about your concerns.  Be proud of who you are and remember that as you grow older you will not be as self-conscious.  Look and accent those parts about yourself that you like best.  I know this does not solve your problem, but I do want you to feel better about yourself.


karans | Student

what do you mean by squint problem exactly.

oh my borther had that.

it just goes away after awhile.. you just need a reminder everytime ur eye squints. it helps i guess