Is the spring in Tuck Everlasting bad or good and why?

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The spring is a bad thing because no one should have to live forever.

On balance, the spring is more dangerous than it's helpful.  When the Tucks first drank from the spring, they had no idea what it did.  They were just a thirsty family traveling through the woods that stopped for water.  Unfortunately, they soon realized that the spring granted them immortality, and that was problematic.

The biggest problem with the spring is that most people will drink from it having no idea what it does.  In this way, they do not get the choice.  It is a very grave decision to choose to live forever.  While it sounds great at first, there are serious downsides.  This is why the family kidnaps Winnie when she sees Jessie drinking from the spring.  If she had taken a drink, the...

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