spread of englishwhat is Positive views on english associated with economic mobility, social rewards and financial gains?

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Knowing English can lead to all kinds of rewards. If not many people in your company can speak the language, knowing it gives you opportunities for projects and promotions. You also might be transferred to represent your company in an English-speaking country.
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In many countries, learning English is associated with getting ahead in life.  This is because English is the language of international business and the language (or at least the second language) of the educated class.

If you look at it this way, learning English is a good thing.  It allows you to get a better job, which leads to financial gain and economic mobility.  It puts a person in a higher social class because it makes them seem more educated.

Therefore, learning English tends to lead (whether this is a good or bad thing) to a higher status and a better economic situation.

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I look in how and which side in those country which its speaker talk in English as a second or official language out side Britain