*Sports*Help me compare and contrast the sports volleyball and basketball.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Umm... in volleyball it's pretty important to touch the ball with your hands...

Having played both these sports at the high school level and then having coached them at the same level, here are some ideas.

Volleyball puts much less of a premium on any kind of speed.  Quickness, of course, is a must.  But straight-line speed is not of much value.  Volleyball also requires more height to play at a high level unless you are a libero.  Short people can make it in basketball more easily because they can use their quickness, shooting ability, etc.  But in volleyball they become too much of a liability in blocking.

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In both sports, the ball is passed between teammates in order to take the best shot. Players must often dive for loose balls or to maintain possession. In volleyball, a point is scored when the ball is successfully hit over the net without the opposing team returning it; in basketball, points are scored when the ball goes through the net. The biggest differences in the two sports are the much shorter boundaries in volleyball; the fact that in volleyball, you cannot run with the ball; and that in volleyball, you cannot touch the ball with your hands.

stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Scoring is much different in the two sports. Volleyball gives one point for each time the ball touches the floor of the opposing team; a game is finished when one team reaches twenty-one points.

Basketball may involve scoring one, two, or three points when the ball passes through the net. There are many more methods of scoring in basketball, and scores almost always are much higher than in a game of volleyball.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Volleyball and basketball are both sports where a ball is used and handled with the hands.  Both involve an intricate process of pre-planned teammwork, and they have positions.  In each case, one person uses the ball to score but is usually assisted by another first.

thewanderlust878 | Student

There are many differences between volleyball and basketball. For example, the usual scoring for volleyball is every time the ball hits the floor in bounds, a point is scored for the team on the opposite side of where the ball landed. Only one point can be scored at a time. In basketball, 2 points are made for every time the ball goes through the hoop, with the exception of a 3-pointer, which must be shot from behind the 3-point line. 

Another difference is the number of players on the court. In volleyball, there are 6 players on the court at a time. In basketball, there are 5. The balls are different too. Basketballs tend to be bigger and heavier than volleyballs are. 

You can even compare the uniforms. In volleyball uniforms tend to be more form fitting, and often times jerseys are long-sleeved (to help prevent redness and bruising on forearms from passing). In basketball, uniforms are more loose-fitting and I have never seen long-sleeved jerseys. 

Hope this helps!