A sporting goods company can ship 6 footballs in each carton. How many cartons are needed to ship 75 footballs?

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Great question! Personally, when I read word problems about sports, they're even harder! So, here's the information you have to work with:

You need to ship 75 footballs.

6 footballs fit in a carton.

If you're thinking division, you're right! 


Obviously we're not going to use half a carton (the problem doesn't even say if we have a saw to cut the carton in half or not, so we can't do that) so we round up to 13.

The answer is 13 cartons.

Here's another way to think about it:

1 carton: 6 footballs

2 cartons: 12 footballs

3 cartons: 18 footballs

4 cartons: 24 footballs

5 cartons: 30 footballs

...and so on and so on

12 cartons: 72 footballs

72 is close to 75 but it's not enough! We're going to need another carton to put the three extra footballs in. The carton won't be full, but we still need it.

13 cartons: 78 footballs (we only need 75, so this works!)

The division and rounding up process is a quicker way, but I hope this explains how and why that works! Good luck with your footballs!

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