Spoiled generations - is technology the cause?If ever the newer generations of people are getting more spoiled compared to the past generations. What could be the blame? Could it be because of...

Spoiled generations - is technology the cause?

If ever the newer generations of people are getting more spoiled compared to the past generations. What could be the blame? Could it be because of technology, media?

Because people back in the old days didn't have the technology we have today. Which means when something needs to be done, then they get the job done mostly with muscle. Kids used to play in the outdoors and were physically active. Now, many are just stuck indoors playing on the computer, xbox, wii, texting,etc.Technology really helped us in our daily life from the most complex to the simplest ways. Technology offered us a variety of benefits and opportunities, from entertainment, to work. Is technology making more negative effects on us than what we anticipated?

Could technology be the blame?

Expert Answers
megan-bright eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think technology has made us all more dependable, as well as less patient while craving "instant gratification." Google pulls up our search answers in less than a second. Word documents immediately let us know if we have a spelling error. The list goes on, but I think we have become less patient with other things in life.

As for the younger generation, I believe there are more issues of entitlement with them, and I actually have to lay blame with the parents who haven't set boundaries with the kids at a young age. For instance, in many elementary schools you have parents not willing to accept the teacher's word that their child may be misbehaving. Their child is 'always right no matter what.' And the rules don't apply to their precious child. More parents have that attitude these days, as opposed to the older days when adults would come together to discipline the child. And thus, the children grow up thinking consequences don't apply to them. 

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm curious as to what evidence you have to say that people are spoiled these days.  You say that they are, but what makes you think so?  Is it just the fact that we don't have to do manual labor so much anymore?  Is it the fact that we have lots of technology to play with?  I don't see that either of those things is actual evidence that we're spoiled.  What do you think we do or don't do compared to the past that shows that we are spoiled?

After all, technology has been making life easier for quite a while now.  What behaviors show that technology has spoiled us in a way that it did not spoil people from past generations?

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that every generation thinks that the newer generation is more spoiled than they were.  This has been going on since the beginning of time, I think.  I would say there is no evidence that we can group people into behavioral patterns by generation anyway.  

suzannah304 | Student

I agree with post#3, every newer generation is supposed to be spoiled. Technology has actually upgraded people and if we can make the best use of it noone's spoiled. Thoughts have been changing and so will continue changing.