The Spirit shows Scrooge with his sister and says "... she had a large heart .'' What does he say next to make Scrooge  feel uneasy in his mind in A Christmas Carol?

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The Spirit reminds Scrooge that his sister died young.

When Scrooge is visited by the Spirit of Christmas Past, he sees visions from his past.  These visions help the reader understand how Scrooge became the person he is.  One of the visions Scrooge sees is his younger sister when he goes past to his past and sees himself as a boy.

When Scrooge was a young boy, he was shipped off to boarding school.  His mother seems to have died, and he was forced to remain at the school alone during holidays.  There were no other boys there, and the school was a dreary, lonely, terrible place.  Poor young Scrooge had no one but his books for company.  However, one day his younger sister came to take him home.

“I have come to bring you home, dear brother!” said the child, clapping her tiny hands, and bending down to laugh. “To bring you home, home, home!”

“Home, little Fan?” returned the boy....

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