Speech topic ideas please.Hi. Can someone please help me with a speech topic? The topic must be more that one word. Thanks.

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many different types of speeches. Without knowing exactly what type of speech you are required to give, it is a little difficult to answer your question. Therefore, I will give you examples of a few different common speeches given in high school/college and an example of a topic which would apply.

1. Informative Speech: An informative speech is one which tries to teach the audience about something. You job as the speaker is to inform the audience. (One must be careful not to try to sway the audience--this is a persuasive speech.) Examples of informative speeches are as follows: a narrative of one's life, a vacation and what was learned while on vacation (meant to inform about the area), the Blood Diamond trade, the 911 attacks, and/or informing about a local festival.

2. Persuasive Speech: A persuasive speech is meant to provide information which sways listeners to side with the speaker. These speeches need to have viable information which the listeners can trust and make an educated decision about. Examples of persuasive speeches: why to/not to wear uniforms in school, trying to persuasive students not to do drugs/drink, helping your environment, getting involved in charity work, and/or donating blood.

3. Demonstrative Speech: A demonstrative speech is one which demonstrates how to do something for the audience. This speech is also informative because it provides information to the listener. Examples of demonstrative speeches: instructions on how to use the subway systems in large cities, instructions on how to record information after an automobile accident, instructions on how to balance a checkbook, and/or instructions on how to saddle a horse.

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sorry for not puting i properly the first tym but it is persuasive speech


but tnx 2 literaturenerd!!