A SPEECH ON literacy.........HELPhey everyone i have to write a speech on literacy please help......Following points should be elaborated upon:- ()facts about literacy ()disadvantages and...

A SPEECH ON literacy.........HELP

hey everyone i have to write a speech on literacy
please help......Following points should be elaborated upon:-
()facts about literacy
()disadvantages and advantages of literacy and illiteracy,
()our role towards increasing literacy
Special attention should be on INDIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the previous post gave some very good starting points.  I would probably say that you are going to have make a conscious in how you want to progress with this speech.  What I mean to say is that do you want to present a speech on how things are in India or how things should be in India regarding literacy?  I think that this is going to be a conscious decision that you will have to strike in composing your speech and then progressing with it as you write your speech.  I think that a more rousing speech can be given if you present a vision of what should be present.  You might want to talk about how the globalized world in which India is a prominent player is one where literacy definitions are changing.  The infusion of technology has changed what literacy means.  Indians are going to have reflect this in their education system.  The traditional method of teaching is going to have to be supplemented with how new and emerging forms of literacy are becoming the norm in the globalized world.  This is going to be where you will have to come in and figure out things.  How is literacy, the ability to read and write and understand concepts, taught in Indian schools?  Is it taught in a "top down" manner where the teacher tells students what to memorize and then has them memorize it about ten times and moves on?  In a globalized world where there is so much information with blogs, glogs, online medium of transmission of information, and preponderant examples of bias, is this method going to help enhance literacy?  How can we be able to teach Indian students the multiple forms of literacy that are needed in order to be globally competitive citizens and participants in the global marketplace of ideas.  I think that this might be a very intense and strong direction to take your speech and you will be able to integrate many of the ideas you present in such a context.

lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have moved your question to the speech and drama group so that some speech specialists might see it and help you further.

By doing a quick search “literacy in India” I found that the literacy rate in India is quite low. At the end of the colonial period (British rule) in 1947, it was 12% and by 2007, it had grown to 66%. However, the world average literacy rate is 84%, so India is still quite low. It has the largest illiterate population in the world right now. There is a gender gap in literacy. More women are illiterate than men, and this affects many things, notably population control. There is a strong correlation between illiteracy among women and population control. Obviously, if one is unable to read, one cannot learn anything – including birth control methods.

For your speech, you should do additional research and find out what other negative effects illiteracy has on the population of India. You will find it is tied to poverty – all sorts of things. I cannot think of any advantages to being illiterate, unless you are a conquering nation and want the people to be illiterate as in some oppressive regimes worldwide today. This does not apply to India, however.

Your research should also turn up efforts that are being undertaken to increase literacy. Are these methods effective? If so, why? If not, why not? Also, what unique ideas might YOU have to increase literacy?

Good luck!

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